Nobody's Property - Illustrated

 Announcing the launch of the Nobody's Property Illustrated series. Set in the near future (2030), after Nadia kills Percy in self defense during his failed home invasion, the illustrated series deals with much of the cast of characters from the books, as Clia experiences some memory loss, and Nadia struggles with the aftermath of having taken a life.

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Released March 2016

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Set mostly in the years 2015 and 2016, but partially in the past and near future.

In the year 2015, sisters Clia Foster and Carissa Sutherland, born nearly twelve years apart to different mothers, find themselves facing very different demons as they reclaim ownership of themselves and cope with the aftermath of their very different experiences at the hands of their common biological father, Percy Barnett.

Clia Foster, 29 going on 30 (in the main timeline) and a successful musician, nearly died from a traumatic brain injury caused by Percy two decades ago. Sometimes she talks to inanimate objects, or people nobody else can see but her, and she's not sure whether she can communicate with the dead or whether she's imagining it in her brilliant but delicate mind. Even music and medical marijuana can't always save her from her severe mental issues. 

Sometimes she even has weird dreams about the future and a teenage girl who looks a lot like her...or are they dreams at all?

After spending most of her life in Australia where she grew up, 18-year-old Carissa returns to America to pursue film school and an internship with a respected L.A.-based filmmaker, Nick Walsh. Though excited to finally get to know her sister much better than the distance previously allowed her to, Carissa finds her own issues with anger and depression reaching a boiling point, sparking a rivalry with not only someone at a group therapy session she attends, but also a colleague at her internship; and even occasionally getting her in some mild trouble with the law.

After fifteen years in a Pennsylvania prison for drug trafficking and some inappropriate home movies he forced a much younger Carissa to star in against her will, Percy's parole date fast approaches, and he may secretly be hatching a plan with their equally disowned uncle Jasper to extort Clia for money...

Book 2 - Nobody's Property: Generations (aka Descendants from the Event Planner) - Kindle Edition available April 3, 2018, Print edition available soon

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Kindle edition - Available April 3, 2018 - $2.99

Print edition coming very soon, but may be a few additional days due to an unforeseen printing issue.

Set between Mallorie Walcott's 1935 birth and the coming of age of Clia Foster's granddaughters Lenore and Greta Faulkner in 2062 and 2075-76 respectively, each generation of the major characters from the Nobody's Property series, including a few who aren't actually biologically related to Mallorie Walcott (such as Carissa Sutherland and Sasha Willis), find the strength to rise above the very different demons they have faced, from elder daughter Sadie's battle with alcohol to younger daughter Cassandra's barrenness and how the sisters transform from being at odds with one another to making peace as the 20th century comes to a close, to Mallorie's great-granddaughter Nadia who turns to creative writing to cope with having been forced to kill Percy Barnett in self defense as a teenager, to Nadia's daughters, starting with Lenore, a twenty-three-year-old musician in the year 2062, Mallorie's great-great granddaughter, and the last descendant of Mallorie Walcott to be born during her lifetime; and her younger sister by fourteen years, Greta, who doesn't let her above-average height or her large feet get in the way of pursuing an acting career during the mid 2070s...

Book 3 - Nobody's Property: Order of the Blue Dragonfly - estimated release date May 2021

Not long after she graduates from film school and comes into her own as a filmmaker, Carissa Sutherland adopts an orphaned preteen who was the sole survivor in a car accident that claimed both of her parents.

Book 4 - Working Title "Raven with a Silver Gaze" (subject to change) - estimated release date TBA

The only information we have for you at this time is that Sasha Willis is the main character of this book, and the current plot involves Sasha rising to a degree of notoriety as an independent musician, somewhat in the footsteps of her stepmother Clia Foster, but on her own terms.

Book 5 - Working Title to be determined - estimated release date TBA

The only information we have for you at this time is that Clia's biological daughter Nadia Willis is the main character of this book, and it will take place during Nadia's college years and concurrent rise of her writing career, during the mid to late 2030s.

Future book releases to be determined later.

Currently, books are planned beyond Book 3 with Sasha, Will, Nadia, and even Nadia's daughters Lenore and Greta as main characters. Tidbits may be revealed slowly on the Nobody's Property Facebook page and on the Nobody's Property Wiki (yes, there's already a wiki under construction!).