Book 1 - Nobody's Property

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In the year 2015, sisters Clia Foster and Carissa Sutherland, born twelve years apart to different mothers, find themselves facing very different demons as they reclaim ownership of themselves and cope with the aftermath of their very different experiences at the hands of their common biological father, Percy Barnett.

Clia, 29 going on 30 and a successful musician, nearly died from a traumatic brain injury caused by Percy two decades ago. Sometimes she talks to inanimate objects, or people nobody else can see but her, and she's not sure whether she can communicate with the dead or whether she's imagining it in her brilliant but delicate mind. Even music and medical marijuana can't always save her from her severe mental issues. 

Sometimes she even has weird dreams about the future and a teenage girl who looks a lot like her...or are they dreams at all?

After spending most of her life in Australia where she grew up, 18-year-old Carissa returns to America to pursue film school and an internship with a respected L.A.-based filmmaker, Nick Walsh. Though excited to finally get to know her sister much better than the distance previously allowed her to, Carissa finds her own issues with anger and depression reaching a boiling point, sparking a rivalry with not only someone at a group therapy session she attends, but also a colleague at her internship; and even occasionally getting her in some mild trouble with the law.

After fifteen years in a Pennsylvania prison for drug trafficking and some inappropriate home movies he forced a much younger Carissa to star in against her will, Percy's parole date fast approaches, and he may secretly be hatching a plan with their equally disowned uncle Jasper to extort Clia for money...