Nobody's Property Illustrated Series #1

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Nadia begins her vigilante journey...

Nadia Willis, daughter of Nobody’s Property lead singer Clia Foster, recently found herself facing a harrowing situation that no one should ever have to experience. Just 13 years going on 14, Nadia was forced to make a choice to defend herself and her mother from a life-threatening attack from her vengeful biological grandfather, Percy Barnett, whom she met for the first and last time on a stormy summer night in the year 2030. Though a courageous act of self-defense which ultimately saved their lives, Nadia is having trouble coping with the aftermath of her actions, even though she knows he abused her mother as a child. 

In the middle of the night on June 23, 2030, Nadia's mother, Clia Foster, the talented lead singer of the renowned band Nobody's Property, woke up to an unthinkable nightmare. Her estranged biological father, Percy Barnett, whom she and her sister, Nadia's aunt, Carissa Sutherland, often referred to as The Donor, stood before her, wielding a knife with malice in his eyes. Paralyzed with fear and unable to react, Clia had watched in horror as her teenage daughter Nadia, emerged from the shadows, holding a gun firmly, ready to protect her mom.

In an intense standoff that lasted for several minutes, as Percy and Nadia exchanged insults and swear words at each other, time froze as two generations faced each other, one hellbent on revenge for an incarceration that was his own fault anyway, the other bravely determined to stop him from killing her mother. The first shot had missed. The second took out his right hand. Several of his own fingers lay like bloody twigs on the carpet. 

In a heart-stopping moment, Percy had charged towards his own granddaughter, Nadia Willis, wielding a large, menacing knife. Displaying remarkable courage and self-preservation instincts, Nadia took swift action to protect herself and her mother. Though tearful eyes nearly blinded her, she fired a third time, this bullet finding its mark, striking Percy in the throat. Watching him die over the next seven minutes would have a profound and often haunting effect on Nadia for the remaining 106 of her 120 years of this particular lifetime.

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