WARNING: Nobody's Property novels contain frequent depictions of brutally graphic vigilante homicide; child abuse; other violence; references and scenarios related to marijuana, drugs, and alcohol; adult language, sometimes including the use of highly offensive language in some scenarios, used in order to accurately portray certain repulsive characters in the story who often end up becoming Nadia's victims. Nobody's Property novels are NOT recommended for readers under 18 years of age.


Nobody's Property (2016)

Set primarily in 2015, the year before Nadia is born, Clia Foster (Nadia Willis' mother) struggles to come to terms with the multiple mental health issues - caused by an abusive biological father - that continue to haunt her into her thirtieth year of life.

Nobody's Property: Generations (2018)

The story of the descendants of Nadia Willis, from eldest daughter Lenore, a musician; son Alex, a writer (and possibly following in his mother's footsteps in more ways than one); and youngest daughter Greta, an awkwardly tall actress on the verge of a major career breakthrough in the early 2070s.

Order Of The Blue Dragonfly (ETA 2023)

The story of the non-biological descendants of Carissa Sutherland (Nadia's aunt, Clia's sister)

Rise Of The Vigilante (ETA 2026)

After killing many pedophiles and other scumbags in her hometown of Luna Vista, California; Nadia Willis sets out to liberate the rest of the world of child abusers, starting as a bounty hunter during her college years, eventually embarking on pedophile killing sprees in Germany and the Great Lakes before returning home to stay.